About the Exchange Fair

Exchange Fair Highlights

•China the NEW leader of the world!

•Asia the future business centre of the world.

•Australia the Recourse and Bread Basket of China.

•The growth of Australian Service Sector in China.

•An international Business Exchange Fair to foster greater business and investment opportunities between China, Hong Kong, Macau and Australia.

•High-end multi session conference, focusing on the new business opportunities now that the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement is in place.

•What does the “One Belt One Road” initiative mean?

•Finance and investment between China and Australia.

•World class venue at the just completed Sydney International Convention Centre.

•Sydney a high class international destination and finance capital of the South Pacific.

•New technology opportunities in energy, communications and infrastructure.

•Network with key business, government and finance leaders.

•The new infrastructure connectivity of Asia.

•Two day Exhibition of investment, and trade opportunities.

•Large media presence. 


In 2014 China’s President Xi Jinping attended the G20 Summit in Australia and signed the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement during his state visit to Australia, followed by Australia’s joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Since then, both countries have reached a consensus on exploring the opportunities brought forward by The Belt and Road Initiative. The loosening constraints on bilateral investment and trade creates new opportunities for various industries.


•This exchange fair provides a high-end platform for high-profile Australian and Chinese business and government to meet face to face

•Explore the tremendous business and investment potential and opportunities!

Fair Session 1:Thematic Conference & Luncheon

•Introductory speech VIP 

Introducing bilateral investment policies and environment

Sharing successful experiences and cases of Chinese and Australian enterprises

•Trading and Investment opportunity under One Belt One Road

Introducing the Guangzhou Aerotropolis Development District China-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Zone

•Future under the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement

•Global Investment – The Future with China and Australia

Fair Session 2:Business Exchange

•Business scoping and matching •Field site visits
•Investment projects exchange (over 50 projects) •Seminar - Hot economic issues forum by industrial leaders
•Special mutual investment projects introduction  

Industries Covered

Agriculture, Stock-breeding, Aquaculture  Tourism and Entertainment    Mining    
International Education and Immigration  Medical, Health and Aged Care   E-commerce  
Environment Protection and New Energy  Technological Innovation    Property Development  
Premium Food, Beverage and Fast-moving Consumer Goods Financial Services    

 Fair Session 3:Exhibition 

•Products and projects exhibition only for selective enterprises.